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IM's initiatives were put into place to empower young persons to transform their lives in five fundamental areas and become amazing healthy happy individuals! 


As we watch the growing generation, we have noticed a trend in the emotional health of youth.  Stress and anxiety seems to be at an all time high.  We are seeing a change in how children feel about themselves and others.  We are noticing a lack in the ability to truly socialize and relate to their peers.  

IM strives to help young people better understand what it means to be emotionally healthy.  By learning how to deal with the stresses of life, that will inevitably come, they can better learn to understand their feelings and how to deal with them as productive members of their communities.


In this extremely fast paced moving world, the financial landscape continues to change at a very rapid pace.  What hasn't changed is the lack of financial knowledge and how to navigate our financial lives in a way that keep us out of debt and prospering.  Unfortunately, poor money habits are normally passed down from parents to children allowing for an ongoing cycle of financial challenges from one generation to the next.

IM is working with top financial minds to provide solutions which help the rising generation better understand money and how to use it to succeed in life rather than be a slave to it.


One of the greatest things about living at this time is the ability for people to have a world of knowledge at their fingertips.

IM encourages a passion for learning.  Whether it be a path that leads someone to college or a solution that allows someone to explore a trade or entrepreneurship, IM supports the growth of young minds through its scholarship program.


It is no surprise that the youth of today will become the first generation to potentially not outlive their parents.  With more and more processed foods, it is easy to see why childhood obesity, diabetes, and many other chronic disease are on the rise. 


IM is working with wellness coordinators and medical practitioners across the country to help raise awareness of physical health in youth by empowering them to make wise choices in their diet and active lives.


With nearly 90% of the world believing in a higher power, we encourage youth to explore and understand this aspect of their lives.  Whether they use a name like God, Allah, the Universe, or others, it is widely accepted that spiritual health is striving to better understand our place in the greater scheme of life.

While it's not the intent of IM to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't believe, we understand that having balance in a person's spiritual life allows for deeper personal and emotional connections with those around them.

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