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UVU Conference on Suicide Prevention

Every year in October Utah Valley University hosts the ‘UVU Conference on Suicide Prevention’. The Conference Committee invites educators, organizations, and providers within emotional healthcare to speak to the ongoing need that exists around the topic of suicide prevention.

This year, IM was happy to be invited to participate. IM CIO, Paul Feyereisen, Westlake Asst. Principal Jennifer Hansen Bitton, UVU Professor Dr. Angelea Panos, & The University of Utah Dr. Patrick Panos all participated in the presentation 'The IM Wellness Center at Westlake'. As schools and organizations across the country continue to look for ways to created wellness centers, many participated both online and in person to learn why IM has one of the most successful models.

One of the more notable parts of the conference was the release of the doves in honor of those we have been lost to suicide. Many came out to participate and show their love and respect for friends and family with a moment of silence and some words from Taryn Hiatt, the head of the Utah Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

IM is grateful to be part of such an important event within the Utah community. Other notable speakers and topics were as follows:

Dr. Rheeda Walker-Obasi

University of Houston

Unmasking Depression & Anxiety in the Black Community

Anne Moss Rogers

Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide and Recognizing Students at Risk

Taryn Hiatt

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (Utah Chapter)

Supporting Others While Practicing Self-Care

Josie Jesse

Common Risk Factors for Suicide in LGBTQ+ Populations

Andy Proctor

Cook Center for Human Connection

My Life is Worth Living – Preventing Teen Suicide Through Animation:

Reid Justin Robison


Strategies for Suicide Prevention

Jennifer Morgan Smith, LMFT and John Robbins, LMFT


Self-of the Therapist Work – Self-Reflection and Understanding of Grief

Rebecca Canaan-Andreasen, Melissa Bostwick, Kim Jones, Andrea Paxman, and Lori Jones Thorn

Alpine School District

A Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS): Suicide Prevention Efforts in School Districts

Detective Anneliese Langs

Mental Health Response Team – City of Orem

First Responder Impact on Those Experiencing Suicidal Ideation


As IM continues to work with schools and other organizations across the country to address the issues around suicide prevention, we look forward to participating in events like the UVU Conference on Suicide Prevention. It's a team effort within our organizations, our schools and districts, as well as our families and communities. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those around us who suffer.

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