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Music and Dance

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Thankfully, we live in a world full of beautiful forms of art. One of my favorite is the art of dance. What makes it even more amazing is that it is normally accompanied by the art of music. Each in their own right are powerful and beautiful but put them together and you have an opportunity to not only change your day but those with whom you may share that moment. So whether it is in a dance line, ballet, or even hip hop, you need to get on your dance shoes and start busting out those dance moves.

I can think of many times over the years where I have been moved by music to trip the light fantastic. Thinking back, it probably started when I was very young, dancing at one of the many parties my parents had thrown, or my first school dances at Faith Middle School.... Purple Rain, thank you Prince! Or dancing to Big Band tunes at the Space Needle in Seattle. Ska, Sinatra, and the list goes on. Dance really is an amazing way to feel alive and experience true joy.

Have you heard of the Dancing Doctor? Well, really he is a Neurological Surgeon Physician's Assistant named Tony Adkins. The great thing is that he dances with his patients to help them feel happy as they go through the healing process. If you haven't seen it, you'll have to watch the video below. I love that he takes the time to dance with and brighten their day. Normally being in the hospital is not fun. Add on the fact that someone may be operating on your brain and things can get a little scary. Now, just imagine someone coming into your room with a big smile and some great music and lifting your spirits to a whole other level. This story is so great!

Take a few minutes to watch and maybe even take the time to turn on some music today and dance with someone. Maybe it's to the Rat Pack in the kitchen, or dancing in your car as you and your BFF are driving down the road, or even just our in public when you hear some music randomly. If you haven't done so yet... MAKE SOMEONES DAY! Hey Tony, thanks for the reminder.

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