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In her mind, she is nothing, Has been nothing, will always be nothing. IF ONLY SHE KNEW…

From her lens the darkness oppresses, looming, bullying, suffocating. IF ONLY SHE KNEW…

In her mind her world is falling apart, Shattered into pieces, hope is gone. IF ONLY SHE KNEW…

In the depths she wonders, “why me!?” Is this some kind of cruel punishment? Is it Karma coming to collect what is due? Angry and confused, she fights the pain. When all strength is gone, she gives in, Losing the will to fight, losing the will to live. IF ONLY SHE KNEW…

IF ONLY SHE KNEW… That she is everything! To at least one other, has been everything. and to God, will always be His everything.

IF ONLY SHE KNEW… That in the darkness SHE is light! The darkness is no match for the power of her light. Her magnificence emanates from her without effort, because that is who she is.

IF ONLY SHE KNEW… That she is being stretched and prepared to use her light. That the brokenness she feels is temporary. What she feels is lost has simply fulfilled it’s purpose, making way for new beginnings and opportunities.

IF ONLY SHE KNEW... That hope always exists the moment she desires to see it. That even in the darkest deep, she is loved, she is seen, she is heard, she is whole.

-Kara Brandt

Copyright 2018


Kara Brandt is a wife and mother of 3 children with one on the way. Kara has a BM from Brigham Young University in Vocal performance and has performed all over the United States as well as locations in Europe. Her singing career has evolved into motivational speaking, performing, and private mentoring. Recently, she felt inspired to resurrect her love for painting to create works that would inspire and uplift as well as come from intimate personal experience. "If She Only Knew" was one of the pieces that came from this inspiration. It is an expression of a time when Kara was suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and chronic illness resulting in nearly ending her own life. She discovered her true worth through this dark time in her life and has a desire for others to remember how priceless and magnificent they are. Kara also wrote a poem intended to accompany the painting.

If you would like to order prints or request more information, please visit Kara's website at

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