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Hope and Reclaiming Religion

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

So today, due to an odd sting of events, I ended waking up very early. I had a quite house all to myself. That's always a great opportunity to get things done. Since today happens to be Sunday, it is a day that I focus a little more on my spirituality and what I could have done better or differently over the past seven days.

As part of the process I went to and decided to pick a talk dealing with religion or spirituality to digest what the speaker had to say. Today I chose Sharon Brous, a Rabbi in the Los Angeles area, who presented some fantastic ideas about wakefulness, hope, mightiness, and interconnectedness. While there is a lot of good food for thought, there are a few statements that really stood out to me, not to mention that I love how she describes hope. Now I can see the new generation going to Google translate and typing in hope and waiting for an explanation but as great as Google is, it wouldn’t do as good as Rabbi Sharon in this talk. As Christians, we think of hope in association to faith, love, or even Jesus. However, as a Jew and within the context of her talk, Sharon presents the idea of hope in a fantastic way that you’re not going to find in the Bible or Torah.

I hope you enjoy the next few minutes as much as I did. Find out how best to apply these thoughts into your life.

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