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Change: Emotional, Behavior, Results

Changing your thoughts can change your life.

I found this video by world renowned speaker Tony Robbins when he was on the Dr. Oz Show, doing an exclusive Free Class Day session talking about focus and how to make positive changes in your life by shifting your focus.

He started by asking a few women on a panel what their main life concerns are. The four women he spoke with each dealt with something different, but it boiled down to negative thoughts and negative emotions.

After talking for a few minutes about where they were at, he pointed out that if we want to change our life, we have to change our actions. We often struggle as people changing our actions because of the emotions we feel, especially fear.

This part right here really stood out to me when he said, “To change results, you have to change behavior, but to change behavior, you have to change the emotional state that you’re in.”

I believe that to be true 100 percent! If you aren’t in a good place emotionally, I know that it is very difficult to be able to effectively make changes to other parts of your life.

He goes on to talk about how you can change your emotional state by holding yourself physically in a different way. The reason for this is that changing your physical positions can literally release different chemicals in your brain to trigger different emotions.

I heard about this in another video when I was preparing for a job interview once. If you are slouched down, shoulders forward, head slightly down, this is physically not only telling the interviewer but telling your body that you are feeling down, have lower confidence in yourself, and other negative emotions. (I nailed the interview, by the way, partially I think due to the fact that I went in there so with so much more physical confidence than I typically carry.)

When you sit with your shoulders back, head high, or even stand up straight almost like Superman with your hands on your hips, you literally feel the courage and confidence running through you.

He makes an excellent point about how we when we focus on the negative thoughts or fears, our bodies naturally react to these negative thoughts, creating a downward spiral of doubt and uncertainty.

We can change our focus by remembering times we were excited about, when we were proud of something we did, or something we are grateful for. When we focus on these positive things, it helps us make changes to our thought processes, which in turn helps us make changes in our lives.

I found really noticed this to be true in my life. When I am focusing on positive things, generally I am able to create more positivity not only for myself but for those around me. When I am more negative, I tend to feel worse emotionally, mentally, and physically, to be honest. Everything is so connected, and people can tell!

Although this video was only 8 minutes long, there were a long of golden nuggets of information. There are also so many great articles about mindfulness and replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.


Janessa McNeill is passionate about writing and people. Helping people find success and joy is what drives her everyday life. She graduated from Utah Valley University in Communication, Public Relations emphasis. Over the past few years, she has gone through quite a health journey of her own, which has created a passion to share her experiences with others. She hopes one day something she has learned can help someone else.  When not blogging or writing some other piece, Janessa loves to play the piano, listen to music, play board or card games, and spend time with family and friends.

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