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We really live in the most amazing time.  We literally have the world at our finger tips.  With a computer, a tablet, or even a phone and access to the internet we have a world of knowledge just waiting for us to consume.

As a society, we have spent the past one hundred years encouraging people to get an ongoing and higher education.  We have demonstrated the proportionality between an increase in knowledge and the ability to provide better for ones self.  However, this is changing.

For the first time in a long time, we now are seeing a change in what we would otherwise consider the industrialized education system and while there is little changing in the general model of public education, there are now more options than ever in how a person may choose to become educated.  In addition to public education, we now have charter schools addressing unique forms and focuses of learning as well as super effective home-school solutions for all different types of students from athletes to those with focused learning interests.  The great thing is we are also seeing a shift in continuing education. 

In his multiple TED talks, Sir Ken Robinson discusses the idea of the shift we are currently in the middle of as it relates to education.  While the need for higher collegiate education is not going away any time soon, there are more and more universities offering their curriculum online for free and while this doesn't give you the credentials or a certified piece of paper, it does give you access to knowledge.  With the increase in the cost of high education, there are more and more people finding self taught solutions like Khan Academy, Udemy, and much more.  And, there are even employers that are starting to embrace the idea employing persons who can display the application of knowledge without a four year degree.

Another major shift in the workforce is that of the laborer.  Over the past fifty years it has been widely accepted that those with a four year degree would make a better income and have a better lifestyle.  This is no longer the case.  With a robust economy and a huge and growing need for skilled labor, the plumber, the electrician, the builder and so on have become highly employable positions that can easily garner a six figure income and be a very nice way to provide for yourself as well as a family.  In fact there are many companies that will now pay for people to go through the certification process just to higher them right as they come out.  This is why IM trade scholarships also exist.

As IM continues to grow as an organization, we encourage everyone to continually strive to increase your understanding of the many things there is to learn.  While this may or may not lead you into a new career you may gain the knowledge of something that interests you but benefits someone else.  With our goal of awarding one million scholarships, we invite everyone to identify an IM scholarships that may be of interest to help you take a step forward in life and help offset the expense of a continued education whether it be collegiate or otherwise.  If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

Happy learning!

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