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IMseen allows schools and districts that ability to identify:


  • Students with anxiety

  • Students with depression

  • Students being bullied

  • Students who are the bully

  • Students with suicide ideation

  • Students who may be self-harming

  • Students who may be considering harming others

  • & MORE


"I love that IMseen has helped put kids on our radar which we might otherwise have overlooked.  Through a team effort, we can identify students in need and determine if those needs will be addressed on campus with an admin, counselor, advocate, wellness coordinator, or social worker, as well as additional off campus solutions to better help the student.

Even though we've identified more students, we have been able to connect with them earlier so their given situation does not escalate."


Jennifer B. - Assistant Principal over Wellness

Recognized as the most Resilient High School in Utah

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IMseen was created allowing those around youth to have a place to share their insights or observations regarding any given student.  This may be a teacher, a coach, a parent, administrator, or more. 

This way we can help support those needs for both the student and the family, on and off campus.

All students want to be seen and heard.  The IMseen app is the tool needed to do just that.  Let us help you support your school and community so every student can say “IM Seen”.

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