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One of the greatest challenges we face nationally as well as globally, is a lack of financial literacy, generation after generation.  It affects us personally, it affects our communities and it affects our economy.  

Year after year we send the next wave of kids into adulthood knowing little to nothing about how money, budgeting, banking, savings, or investing works.

That's all changes NOW.  No longer will kids have to look at their parents and wonder what they got right financially and what they got wrong, and try to figure the rest out as they go.


To solve this issue, IM has taken the time to develop 'Foundation of Money', a comprehensive curriculum around all the fundamentals of financial literacy to include the psychology of money.

As a semester long course, we walk each student through a learning process which helps them apply the understanding of budgeting, savings, debt, career planning, investing, insurance, taxes and more.

With the use of the best tech solutions, IM insures that each student hits competency benchmarks with built in reward systems to incentivize progression in their education.

The best part is there is no expense to the school.  


One of the greatest challenges there is within the development of financial literacy curriculum is that there has not been the development of a national standard.  IM has taken the time to understand the standards of each State to create that national standard for all students.

This twelve chapter semester long course covers Intro to Personal Finance, Saving, Budgeting, Understanding Debt, Career Development, Consumer Education, Investment & Retirement Goals, Investment Product and the How To, Insurance, Money & Relationships, Taxes, and Charitable Giving.

'Foundations of Money' has been crafted in a way that any teacher can lead a class through the video and written material in a way that minimizes stress for the teacher and maximizes learning for the student.

Classroom Lecture
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