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We now live in a time where no school is exempt from the social and emotional challenges within the rising generation.  

From suicide to self-harm, anxiety to depression, bullying, grief, and even PTSD we are seeing these issues on a regular basis in schools across the country.

For this reason IM has taken the time to identify the most effective solutions in social-emotional healing so kids can continue to live the best versions of themselves.


As schools and districts scramble to identify any solution,

they are normally turning to one of the following three .

  1. A social-emotional curriculum:  This is normally a cost effective school wide solution that allows students to learn healthy social norms, coping mechanisms, and self-management skills.

  2. A peer to peer solution:  This is also a good cost effective solution to identify youth that are dealing with hard things.  A peer that can lead them an adult for help is a great step.

  3. A wellness center:  While this isn't the most cost effective solution, schools are striving to find ways to make them work, even if they aren't manned with a licensed professional (not recommended) to address the actual need of the youth.


While many good solutions are coming forth independently, IM has taken the time to develop a comprehensive solution for each schools needs.

  1. The Wellness Center:  We realize that the most effective solution for each child is a licensed adult to help them unwind their issue(s) so they can take the next step to healing.

  2. Peer to Peer Teams:  As teachers and administrators, you have a lot on your plates.  Having trained peer units constantly aware of their follow students needs helps them get the support promptly.

  3. Comprehensive Curriculum:  With decades of experience, IM has developed a curriculum that builds on itself throughout the year.  From kindergarten through grade 12, IM provides the solutions and tools for easy classroom implementation.

  4. THE APP:  IM now offers an additional solution not found in the industry.  As we identify the  needs of the student, we can build a comprehensive team and action plan to engage the student through the healing process both on and off campus.


The greatest part about the IM solutions is they are customizable.  There many schools trying to implement at least one of these solutions.  To minimize on redundancy IM is prepared to come in and add the additional solutions not currently in place.

Already have a curriculum or peer to peer solution in place?  Great!  We can come in with a staffed Wellness Center and our ME App and add in what you're missing.

By bringing in full solutions you will see a more effective healing process in the lives of your students.

Schedule a call and talk with us about what your school is currently doing and how IM can add to your solution while taking things off your plate.

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