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So, you’re ready to apply for a scholarship?  There are a few easy steps and you are on your way.  We ask that all applications be submitted in video format.  Why?  Because we’d like to get to know you.

  1. Make a video, from one to three minutes, explaining who you are and what makes you, you.

  2. Tell us, of the five focus areas of IM, where do you feel you are doing well?

  3. Also tell us, of the five focus areas of IM, where do you think you can improve and how will you use the scholarship monies to help you achieve this goal?

  4. After you have made your video, email it to us at  In your email, please provide your full name, address, email, and phone number as well as attaching your video application

You application will be reviewed against donor qualifications and you will be notified if you have been awarded a scholarship.  Scholarships are awarded regularly.

By applying for an IM scholarship, you agree that your video may be used for marketing or promotional purposes to help others have access to this same opportunity.

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